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The Top Tube Adapter was engineered to give you the ability to mount bike frames for transportation with openings between 18”-28”, such as step-thru frames, full-suspension, and other designs.

Lenox Hitch Bike Rack 2-5 Bike
2-bike 3-bike 4-bike 5-bike
2-bike 3-bike 4-bike 5-bike

Lenox is easy to assemble and features individual tie-down straps and cradles to secure your bikes during transportation.

Retrospec Lenox Hitch Mounted Tray Bike Rack
2-bike 5-bike 3-bike 4-bike
2-bike 5-bike 3-bike 4-bike

Lenox’s wheel-mount design provides ease when loading and unloading by sitting lower, allowing for less lift when mounting your bikes, while sacrificing nothing in the way of road clearance.

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