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Mastodon Comp STD (100mm Travel)

Mastodon is the real-world trail suspension for fatbikes. This fatbike fork delivers all-temperature performance, working equally well in winter or summer, soaking up chatter and big hits. Extended ride height versions fit up to 26×5.15” / 27.5×4.5” tires. Standard ride height versions fit up to 26×4” / 27.5×3.8” tires on the snow, or taking on shimmering hot sand like a pro. All-temperature performance born of frigid winter ride-testing. 34mm trail chassis is stiffer and steers more precisely than any other fatbike suspension fork.

Key Features

  • 100mm (Adjustable down to 80mm) or 120mm (Adjustable up to 140mm) Travel
  • Expert Air Spring
  • Absolute+ Compression Damping
  • TPC Rebound Damping
  • 26", 27.5"


  • Weight: 5.36lb
  • Steerer: 1.5" Taper
  • 34mm Stanchions
  • Hexlock SL 15mm x 150mm Axle
Strength, style, and features all over the place The Circus project started as a way to get our slope-style riders into competition €“ but it wound up becoming an industry-leading dirt jump fork for riders all over the world. Circus has set the benchmark for the everyday riders' jump session requirements, and delivered podium results at pro-level competitions for almost a decade. The Circus Pro features 34mm 6066 straightwall aluminum stanchions and the ABS+ Compression Damper tuned for the DJ category, and the Expert Air System. Travel adjustment range: 100-130mm
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