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Designed for the casual cyclist, the economical WTK-2 contains the tools needed for many basic adjustments and repairs at home or on the road.

The patented Pack Pliers is a multi-tool developed to provide functions that are not found on a typical multi-tool and it is light and compact so you can carry it with you.

 Don’t worry about snapping a tire lever again! The Muc-Off Rim Stix are super strong, so they’ll make removing the toughest tires a breeze.


A multi-tool with the must-have hexes, screwdrivers & Torx 25 wrench. Plus, its made of industrial strength chrome vanadium steel with a high quality hardwood body.


With 20+ tools in one, the Wheelie Wrench Pro™ is a compact, lightweight, fully featured tool available for modern day bikes.


This opener grips the bottle cap like a wolf on prey and pops it right off every time! An added slot for truing your brake rotors and a large hole for a keychain or carabiner.


A multi-tool for mid-ride repairs or adjustments

  • Super strong composite handle drops weight and boost strength
  • Plated tools are built to last
Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Stranded? Let us throw you a rope! Our Tubeless Tire Repair Kit is the top selling rope plug kit of its kind on the market. Finally, a flat solution for your tubeless tires! Quick and easy flat tire repairs now can be made on the trail. Insertion tool and plugs repair the hole in seconds! 

  • Product includes (1) mini screwdriver plugger and (5) tough, vulcanized butyl rubber rope plugs
  • Plugger Handle size: 1.38" L x 0.46" D
  • Threader length 1" and threader diameter 0.078"
  • *See back of package for instructions
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